What Is Good Health?

What is Good Health? and what does Good Health mean?

The World Health Organization say health is a complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Health does not mean you are not sick.

Choosing a healthy alternative is your responsibility. You have to make better choices to be healthy. Habits dictate our lifestyle choices to be healthy, our parents and the media can influence our lifestyle, diet and health.

The first step to a better health is start holding yourself accountable.

The second step is to take action to get the result you want. You need a strong foundation, focus on the four characteristic of good health.

If you want a better health or live life to the fullest it’s important that you incorporate the principles and recommendations below into your life

Let’s talk about what these characteristic are and how to incorporate them into your life.

1. A positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude help you accomplish anything in life.

The key to developing and keeping a positive mental attitude include:

• You being optimistic
• Being aware of what comes out your mouth
• Knowing what questions to ask
• Setting realistic goals
• Visualizing positive things
• Learning to laugh at yourself

Your health and your quality of life have a lot to do with the way you think and your emotions. Keep in mind things happen and they are usually out of your control.

Now we do have control of the way we deal with them. It’s our response to life challenges that shapes the quality of our life. Training or teaching ourselves to be more positive, will help you experience a higher level of health and happiness in your life.

2. A Healthy Lifestyle

A lot of conditions, especially depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia have a lot to do with sleep deprivation or disturbed sleep.

Good health is all about choices. You just have to make better choices if you want to be healthy. Choose to stop smoking, choose to be more active, add physical activity to your daily routine and make sleep top priority.

Being inactive is the top reason why so many people are overweight, this explain why we have so many kids that are obese. Get your kids active, make getting active a family thing. Being active help you loose weight

Regular exercise is very important part of your weight loss programs because

• Weight loss without exercising comes from lean tissue, mainly water loss
• You increase muscle mass and decrease body fat when you include exercise in your weight loss program.
• People that include exercise while trying to lose weight and after are more likely to keep the weight off.

Regular exercise has a powerful effect on your mood, tension, depressions, and feeling of inadequacy.

Being physically fit help you enjoy a healthier and longer life.

3. Healthy Eating

Good health comes down to your habit and choices we make on a daily basis. Commit yourself to following the information found within the article and you will be building a rock solid foundation for a better health.