The Many Good Health Benefits

There does not exist a one-size-fits-all health supplement because people have different needs, desires and requirements when it comes to maintaining their good personal health.

If one such miracle health supplement could actually exist, bee pollen just might be that universal choice.

Why Is Bee Pollen Such A Standout Health Supplement?

This supplement is known the world over and in many different languages as the “miracle food.” Although it is not actually a primary food source for human beings, the ingredients found in bee pollen are simply a smorgasbord of good things.

The list is extensive

96 different nutrients
40% protein
50% carbohydrates
vitamins B, C and E
fatty acids
trace elements: iron, manganese, potassium, selenium and calcium
22 amino acids
beta carotene

….and the above is just a partial accounting, but the point is made.

It is rare in nature that one food source, if you will, ever contains so many nutritional ingredients that are beneficial to human metabolism.

Lecithin helps to regulate cell-to-cell metabolism, eliminates excess fat stores in the body and helps to suppresses the appetite to prevent overeating.

Protein and carbohydrates are wonderfully pure natural energy sources that can reduce feelings of sluggishness and malaise.

The essential vitamins found in pollen help to keep the immune system Running strong and fortifies the body against disease.

How Is The Product Consumed?

There are many different variations in the manner in which this wonder food is packaged for human consumption. These include tablets, capsules, granules and even bee pollen in powdered form.

The raw form is usually not the most beneficial. The supplement combined with enzymes such as amylase and lipase aid in digestion and makes the pollen easier to metabolize.

Side effects are not common with this natural food source and are usually limited to a minor stomach upset or mild nausea that might be an expected occurrence with the consumption of any new food product or supplement.

It simply takes the body a period of adjustment. If such discomforts do not lessen over time, stop using the product and seek assistance or consultation with medical personnel.

Bee pollen should never be consumed by those who are allergic to bees and/or pollen.

Are There Other Less Known Benefits?

General good health is a broad description. But the most common complaint that cause people to seek out health supplements in the first place are everyday aches and pains. These often include joint pain, inflammation and stiffness.

Bee pollen contains antioxidants which counteract the effects of free radicals that damage human cells and are often a precursor to cancer. The stimulating effects to the immune system also reduces swelling and pain that may be the result of disease or physical injury.

Joint health is also strengthened and fortified by the many amino acids and fatty acids contained in the supplement.