How To Get Rid Of Old Refrigerator And TV Sets

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How To Get Rid Of Old Refrigerator And TV Sets – When you buy an appliance, small or large, often it wonders how to get rid of the old one, especially if it unusable.

These products, in fact, can not be thrown in the common garbage. You should contact the appropriate collection centers; few know it and very few do. So often we go to “someone who has a van”, implicitly accepting that the appliance runs somewhat abusive or in the nearest country landfill, hidden in the vegetation.

But there is a method of disposal much easier and legal council for which, among other things, the city has already paid. When you buy an appliance, the retailer is obliged to withdraw the old one for free that you must unravel, regardless of whether the obsolete equipment has been sold at the time by another person. However, it is required to do so only because it was purchased new equipment.

how to Get Rid Of Old Refrigerator

Get Rid Of Old Refrigerator

How To Get Rid Of Old Refrigerator And TV Sets

The only condition is that the product that you wish to return is equivalent to that purchased. In other words, if you buy a toaster, you can not return a refrigerator.

Every time you buy electrical or electronic equipment, a refrigerator, a television, a phone, a computer and so on. – the price paid includes the so-called we. It is a preventive tax that used to support the costs of collection, treatment, recovery and disposal of the product once you arrive at the end of life.

The consumer, that is, when buying this type of property, already pays the expenses related to their disposal that is why we will not have to shell out any further sum when intending to discard them.

How To Get Rid Of OldĀ TV Sets

Many retailers, however, do not know the rules or deliberately violate it, refusing to take back your old appliance or agreeing to do so only upon payment.

It is good to know that the dealer is obligated by law and, if he refuses to withdraw the electrical, electronic equipment free of charge, is punishable by an administrative fine of EUR 150 400 for each unit not withdrawn or withdrawn for consideration.

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