How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Apartment

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How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Apartment – Dealing with these insects, in the first place, it is worth noting the main goal of their appearance. In most cases, it is, of course, the animals: cats, dogs, rodents. Therefore, the collection of data in a residential area of ​​insects, to solve the problem, you need to pay more attention to her beloved pet, and to begin to rid him of this misfortune. Once the problem is solved with an animal, you can start cleaning and disinfection.

If for any reason you can not use chemical or aerosol necessary “medicine” of parasites can be completely prepared at home and with his own hands. Of course, this will require a bit ‘of time and patience, but the result is worth it. So, we use the experience of the people in the fight against fleas.

how to get rid of fleas in apartment

Fleas In Apartment

How To Get Rid Of Fleas In Apartment

Step One – Pet

Initially we try to animals. Take the larger capacity – a bowl, a bucket, a small tub – fill it with water and dissolve a package rock salt. The resulting solution was dip pet (depending on the size) to 4 minutes hold. Then well washed with warm water below. You can also use a soap solution with the addition of nettle and marigold broth. This soap baby use, about half of the package – rub his chips across the grater and cook in the pan until smooth. The stage of boiling broth to fill with grated onion, a light bulb is enough, and then you can add calendula and nettle. The trouble stroking resulting mixture are wrapped with polyethylene. Then we should wait about 20 minutes and can be washed. sleeping animal, be it a small pillow or mattress, can fill with pine sawdust, pine needles, and wormwood. The scent of these trees are extremely negative effect on fleas and they will not allow in the future there must be obtained.

It is worth mentioning that, after these procedures, efforts should be made immediately in place, possibly by restricting access to pet it.

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Step Two – House

Easiest way – with ordinary baking soda. For this we need sodium and salt, mix both ingredients in equal proportions needed. The resulting solution was used for the disinfestation of a floor in the house, any carpet or rug is carefully processed and left for twelve hours. After that must be well ventilated and aspirated, they do not hurt and dry wet. It ‘also an effective means to destroy parasites is based on a mixture of yeast with addition of grated garlic. The smell of this composition is very strong, and affects not only the fleas, so at 8:00, leave the room.

It worked well in the fight against fleas, some herbal teas and decoctions. As a weapon against pests and prophylaxis use the following recipe for homemade. In a small container falling asleep a tablespoon of tansy, two spoons and a Eucalyptus absinthe spoon (leaves). Necessary herbs pour a glass of boiling water and insist 12 hours a shadow. Then take a conventional spray and treat areas of the house or apartment. Periodically, the procedure can be repeated once a month for the prophylaxis.

If the cleaning and disinfection carried out in winter, it is worth noting that bitter cold, about 20 degrees, is a good way to get rid of parasites. Things and household items can easily switch to the street and a balcony or a few hours to ventilate. Little things can only perestirat and iron – that will be enough.

In conclusion, every flea is a carrier of many diseases is very serious and, despite the fact that the possibility of becoming infected after being bitten, not so great, however, is, that can seriously harm your health.

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