How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne

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How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne – The adult acne affects 15% of women and 3% of men. It is the fault of the hormones. Here’s how to put her away.
It was always thought to acne as an adolescent disorder, but as much as 15% of women and 3% of men have this problem in adulthood.

The lesions are similar to those adolescent (pustules, nodules and cysts that can leave more or less visible), but concentrated in smaller areas scars, especially on the chin and jaw.

No matter if you have already been victims of acne in puberty: acne, late-onset, so the doctors call it, is also manifested in those who have not suffered as a young man.

How To Get Rid Of Adult Acne


Acne in adults may be due to stress, pollution and any factor that does not allow the skin to breathe, but the main cause is an alteration in hormone levels.

how to get rid of adult acne

Get Rid Of Adult Acne

Indeed adolescent acne appears due to the increase in the level of hormones that, in general, returns to decrease after the stage of sexual development.

In adulthood may be a new increase, especially in women, where the hormonal balances are more complex. This is what happens, for example, in the premenstrual period, during pregnancy or if there are ovarian cysts; in all these cases it is to increase the production of androgens, male hormones.

Even under stress are more androgens produced by the adrenal gland, causing acne. In addition, the use of certain medications (corticosteroids, androgens, anticonvulsants and iodine-based products, bromine or lithium) can lead to the formation of pimples on the upper part of the body, also involving the arms.

There are also forms of acne that are not directly caused by hormones, such as professional. In these cases it is the exposure to environmental contaminants, such as dioxin or mineral oils, to determine the formation of pustules.
The tropicalis acne, however, is typical of a very hot and humid places. Finally, the use of cosmetics based oils can clog pores and cause, well, just another form of acne.

Solve this problem in adulthood is more complex than in teenagers. The skin is more sensitive to local treatments, substances known, drying the skin, can cause redness and irritation.

In the milder situations you can still rely on the topical products containing retinoids, but the best solution is to contact your dermatologist to choose the most suitable treatment to your skin type.

Healing can take from six weeks to three months, but in the most difficult cases you need to switch to taking medication orally.

Mostly used are the products based on salicylic acid, sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, retinol and, in more severe cases, isotretinoin. To eliminate the bacteria can also be prescribed antibiotics.

In women, however, if the disorder is caused by an alteration in the levels of hormones due to the activity of the ovaries, the most effective remedies are hormonal therapies, such as birth control pills.

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Once you cured it is necessary to carry out a preventive therapy, because it is very likely that the disorder will recur.
Finally, there are some handy tips to ensure the best possible healing. During treatment it is better not to wear makeup or use non-greasy cosmetics that let your skin breathe and do not block the pores.

It is also good to use a cleanser for the face and delicate products sebum regulating and astringent, not to crush the blacks points, eliminate drugs, cosmetics or pollutants that have caused the problem and try to limit the sources of stress.

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