Getting Rid Of Cockroaches

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Getting Rid Of Cockroaches – Cockroach is a disgusting insect with oval body shape, dorsoventral flat. Cockroaches can poison the food when it has contaminated the food. Cockroaches like to be in a damp, dirty, and smelly place. Cockroaches can cause diseases such as typhus, hepatitis, diarrhea and poisoning. Cockroaches do not like a place that is fragrant and clean.

Causes of cockroaches can be found in your home, including:

1) Your home environment is less hygienic

2) Store food in unopened containers

3) Cockroaches enter through sewer pipes and in small gaps

4) Cockroaches can survive in extreme environments

5) Cockroaches lay eggs and breed quickly in your home

6) Cockroaches build a nest in a place that is narrow and resistant to various kinds of pesticide


getting rid of cockroaches

getting rid of cockroaches

Getting Rid Of Cockroaches


1) Using a bay leaf

This material is a material that is easily found in stores and markets that include ingredients or herbs that are quite commonly used. How to make is to prepare a bunch of bay leaves and place near the hole or crack where the common cockroach lay eggs and form a nest. Cockroaches also disrupts your clothing and things, put the bay leaf sheets into those places as well.


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2) Ammonia solution

Cockroaches often hide inside the drain pipe. Create a solution of water that has been mixed with ammonia, then flush the solution is a sinkhole or pipe hole to clean the pipe. The very stinging smell of ammonia will prevent the cockroaches nesting in the pipe.

3) Mothballs

Camphor can be very effective for fighting insects including cockroaches. Put some camphor in places where there are often cockroaches. you must be careful in the use of this object, keep out of reach of children.

4) Mint aromatherapy oil

Spray the mint oil directly into the cockroach or in the corner of your room, the kitchen and the bathroom where the roaches usually nest. These tips do not work instantly or instantaneously like any other method, but because they are natural and non-toxic they can help ward off cockroaches.

5) Mouthwash

A solution commonly used as an antiseptic for gargling. This solution can also work as a disinfectant in your home. Dissolve mouthwash with water then spray into corner or wall where the cockroach usually nest.


That’s some way and technique that can help you drive a cockroach and can be tried in your home or apartment. This method are effective in expelling cockroaches quickly and immediately addressing your problems. The way aboveĀ  uses a simple, but very effective way to expel and even kill a cockroach and leave no toxic residue thereafter.

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