Best Ways Getting Rid Of Chipmunks In Yard

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Getting Rid Of Chipmunks In Yard – While unintentional, chipmunks are perhaps some of the most destructive pests when it comes to gardens and potted plants. It is in the nature chipmunk digging the ground, if a potential food source must be found, whether it’s nuts, vegetables and seeds. They also have a reputation for being difficult to get rid of as repellents are not always effective and territorial. Chipmunk problems are treated better by doing the yard look as uninviting as possible.

Getting Rid Of Chipmunks In Yard

Getting Rid Of Chipmunks

6 Ways Getting Rid Of Chipmunks In Yard

  1. Fill a spray bottle with warm water and 1/8 cup ground cayenne pepper. Forms the bottle to mix the ingredients together. Spray the solution around the perimeter of the house, paying particular attention to the edges of gardens, trees or potted plants. The spicy flavor and undesirable odor can eventually train the chipmunks stay away. However, this solution has to be applied every two or three days to ensure that it remains effective.
  2. Apply blood meal on the ground in the area of ​​gardens and trees. According to the service extension of the University of Florida, blood meal can be an effective natural repellent for chipmunks. Because the blood meal contains nitrogen, do not apply it directly to the plants unless the plant can use the extra boost of nitrogen. Follow the directions on the application of blood meal container to determine the amounts needed for resting on the floor.
  3. Install metal bands of all the trees in the yard to prevent the chipmunks climbing on them. The baffles should be at least 2 feet wide and 6 feet off the ground to keep the chipmunks out of the tree. Metal bands can be found in any home improvement store. The bands can be nailed directly to the shaft.
  4. Cover any strings or wires in the yard with plastic piping to keep the chipmunks from crawling on them. Any attempt to walk on the tube will cause swirl around, making it almost impossible for the chipmunk to walk on it. If power lines run directly to the outside of your home, ask your local power company to cover them with PVC tube, rather than groped to do it yourself.
  5. Applies Cloth landscape to the gardens to prevent chipmunks digging. The thick material usually used to block weeds is generally too hard for the chipmunks to dig.
  6. Move the potted plants to a new location if chipmunks dig into them. Chipmunks can move on to a new location as soon as they notice that the plants are gone.


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