Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches

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Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches – Living in the countryside or in the city makes no difference: the roaches are often unwelcome guests of the house. Not pleasing to the eye and very invasive – they multiply very quickly indeed – these animals can conquer the most remote corners of the apartment, concentrating in the pantry and the kitchen. But how to remove them naturally, before it becomes necessary chemical disinfection?

Get rid of roaches is not a simple task, because sneak in any slot, where their population is increasing continuously. They manage to reach the upper floors of buildings, rising from the pipes and ducts stationed in the rooms where there is plenty of nutrients in their diet. Here, therefore, some natural remedies to avert the worst.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches

Get Rid Of Roaches

Best Way To Get Rid Of Roaches

Home Care
The first action to take when you see any roaches in the house is to go on patrol every wall. All the cracks, the cracks, the aligned sore joints must be sealed with wood or stucco, so that the access route to insects is inhibited. Particular attention is to be granted to the bathroom and the kitchen: check that the water pipes and the exhaust do not present the open spaces between the metal of the pipe and the cement of the wall: in this case, it is necessary to seal it with silicone .

The vinegar seems to be a natural repellent to roaches, then it is advisable cyclically to wash the surfaces with a cloth soaked in water and vinegar solution, with a proportion of 3 to 1. It starts with the thorough cleaning of the floor, and then proceed with other smooth, hard materials such as Formica tables, sinks, bath tub, windows and balcony doors. If you are not certain of a mobile resistance vinegar – one thinks, for example, in a wooden cupboard – please check the effects by applying a bit ‘of a solution in a hidden corner.

The CatnipĀ is an organic substance that is naturally repellent to roaches, albeit completely harmless for humans. It is found in large amounts in the grass cat – also called catnip – a green plant that can be grown easily in the home. Have some catnip pot on the balcony, on the window sills and near the doors it will be enough to avert the danger insects. Beware, though, if in the house there was a feline: as it has been able to ascertain in a previous article, the catnip is a real drug for cats, an intoxicating substance that can accentuate the sexual response but also the confusion , with similar effects to the state of human intoxication.

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Garlic is really a vegetable-rounder, good for any human activity: as well as act as antibacterial oral way, it is perfect to control cholesterol and ward off cardiovascular problems. The side effect is the typical odor, usually associated to the issues of halitosis, which apparently is not particularly pleasing even to roaches. They hang, then, a few cloves clump in areas of the house at risk contamination, will definitely stay away any unwanted guest.

Tansy and rosemary
Tansy is a common plant with yellow flowers, definitely spread throughout the globe. Loved by all pollen insects, such as bees, it is all too hated by roaches: just distribute a few pots or some deck near doors and windows. The same system applies to the rosemary, very common cooking plant to grow in small jars or to keep dry in the pantry.

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