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Diet and Nutrition

We are what we consume – this saying holds perfectly well when it comes to promoting or depleting good health. A Balanced diet constituting healthy foods plays a key role in promoting good health. Taking foods rich in vital nutrients, helps improve our body’s metabolic function. On the flip side, a lack of these nutrients would lead to an accretion of harmful toxins within the body, which results in chronic diseases. A healthy BMI reduces the peril of various debilitating diseases such as cancer, stroke, cardiovascular complaints and osteoporosis. Therefore, a balanced and a nutritious diet are quite crucial in order to prevent and cure various diseases.

1. A balanced diet to tackle bad health: Bad health conditions not just results from an unhealthy lifestyle but can be aggravated more with wrong food habits. Bear in mind, a balanced diet that includes the right amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins would be a major contributing factor to treat bad health. If you are unsure of maintaining a balanced diet everyday, it is always better to prepare a balanced diet chart and keep track of your daily nutrient intake.

2. Diabetes: Genetics is certainly a contributing factor for the onset of diabetes. However, bad eating habits can ruin the entire system and lead to an assortment of health conditions. A good diabetes diet plan includes the intake of fibre-rich foods, low in fat. Following a Vegan diet helps to control this problem rather effectively.

3. Anaemia: A lack of essential nutrients will result in a condition called anaemia – deficiency in iron content. Green leafy vegetables are a rich source of iron, which when taken would help improve your health condition.

4. Heart diseases: Diet high in unhealthy fats plays key role in introducing several health problems, primarily coronary heart disease. Decreasing, or rather say avoiding the intake of fatty foodstuffs, in particular fried foods, will help in preventing heart diseases. Consuming foods rich in fibre plays a major role in preventing heart diseases.

5. Foods categorized as healthy: As we are aware that no single food can nourish our body with the vital nutrients it needs, it is crucial that we intake a variety of healthy foods in order to obtain the nutrition our body requires. After several years of research, scientists have come up with five main food groups that include Fruits, Vegetables, Fish and Meat products, Diary products and good amount of Cereals and grains.

A balanced diet including the above food groups on a regular basis will ensure your body’s general health and prevents an assortment of illness.

6. A healthy diet for weight loss: Most people especially teens; opt for crash dieting to obtain a svelte figure. Besides depleting the present health conditions, crash diet would result in several other health problems as well, which teens are completely unaware. Sticking onto this level of dieting is merely impossible wherein the individual after several attempts would get back to his regular unhealthy eating habits when they don’t see the results immediately. However, with a balanced diet together with regular exercise can certainly pave way for weight loss.

What God Has In Mind In Creating Man

God really had in mind that the man He created will enjoy good health. Good health is a promise as well as a right which God’s children are called to enjoy. We can see in the lives of so many children of God who lasted so long on earth as long as they lived in accordance with God’s standard. They enjoyed such an extraordinary state of good health that other people began to see them as wonders on earth.

To be a wonder is to arouse awe, surprise or astonishment, especially through doing something extraordinary. It is doing something extremely new to someone’s knowledge or expectation. In the world today, we come across so many astonishing occurrences that make us wonder. God made each and every man to be a wonder on earth. In Isaiah 8:18, 49:5, we understand that God’s children are extraordinary people who exhibit a life that impacts or amazes others to intimidation. In other words, our lives should so affect people that they would admire us and also feel intimidated. This reality is neither coincidental nor accidental, but a divine arrangement, that means, it is a calling (Isaiah 49:5).

We saw that the Lord is set to reposition His people, and that this truth which has so far held in the negative is to be realized in the positive (Psalm 126:1-3). God’s children have a position of excellence in the knowledge of God and the attendant excellence in other virtues. It must always be borne in mind that a wonder is simply one that is an amazement; some extraordinary person that causes bewilderment on contact with others or when heard about. This wonderment should be in all ramifications of life – spiritually, physically (health wise), materially, matrimonially, mentally, etc.

The Holy Scriptures is replete with people whose health evidently exhibited some uniqueness; among whom are Abraham, Moses, Job, and Anna. The will of God is that His covenant people should always be in health and for that reason the Lord Jesus died. And when the Lord visits His people, good health shall be the testimony of the generality of the assembly (Isaiah 33:24). However, some factors are militating against this truth of God (Hosea 4:6). These factors include Ignorance of the problem of sin, ignorance of the peril of dirtiness and carefree living, ignorance of the preciousness of rest, ignorance of the power of a sound mind, ignorance of the pertinence of adequate dieting, ignorance of the profit of regular supervised scriptural fasting, and ignorance of the place of physical exercise.

A wonder lives in divine health, and in the event of any health challenge arising from an unforeseen circumstance (like some unwise habit, demonic attack, etc), divine healing ultimately follows. The sickly must forthwith get repositioned for excellence in health, by adjusting his mind to implicitly believing God’s truth, adjusting his habits and confessing his way unto salvation of good health. If you are not presently enjoying good health as a child of God, something must be wrong with your relationship with Him. I encourage you to check your life a repair your relationship with Him. Good health is one of the things God had in mind in creating man. You MUST enjoy it!

The Many Good Health Benefits

There does not exist a one-size-fits-all health supplement because people have different needs, desires and requirements when it comes to maintaining their good personal health.

If one such miracle health supplement could actually exist, bee pollen just might be that universal choice.

Why Is Bee Pollen Such A Standout Health Supplement?

This supplement is known the world over and in many different languages as the “miracle food.” Although it is not actually a primary food source for human beings, the ingredients found in bee pollen are simply a smorgasbord of good things.

The list is extensive

96 different nutrients
40% protein
50% carbohydrates
vitamins B, C and E
fatty acids
trace elements: iron, manganese, potassium, selenium and calcium
22 amino acids
beta carotene

….and the above is just a partial accounting, but the point is made.

It is rare in nature that one food source, if you will, ever contains so many nutritional ingredients that are beneficial to human metabolism.

Lecithin helps to regulate cell-to-cell metabolism, eliminates excess fat stores in the body and helps to suppresses the appetite to prevent overeating.

Protein and carbohydrates are wonderfully pure natural energy sources that can reduce feelings of sluggishness and malaise.

The essential vitamins found in pollen help to keep the immune system Running strong and fortifies the body against disease.

How Is The Product Consumed?

There are many different variations in the manner in which this wonder food is packaged for human consumption. These include tablets, capsules, granules and even bee pollen in powdered form.

The raw form is usually not the most beneficial. The supplement combined with enzymes such as amylase and lipase aid in digestion and makes the pollen easier to metabolize.

Side effects are not common with this natural food source and are usually limited to a minor stomach upset or mild nausea that might be an expected occurrence with the consumption of any new food product or supplement.

It simply takes the body a period of adjustment. If such discomforts do not lessen over time, stop using the product and seek assistance or consultation with medical personnel.

Bee pollen should never be consumed by those who are allergic to bees and/or pollen.

Are There Other Less Known Benefits?

General good health is a broad description. But the most common complaint that cause people to seek out health supplements in the first place are everyday aches and pains. These often include joint pain, inflammation and stiffness.

Bee pollen contains antioxidants which counteract the effects of free radicals that damage human cells and are often a precursor to cancer. The stimulating effects to the immune system also reduces swelling and pain that may be the result of disease or physical injury.

Joint health is also strengthened and fortified by the many amino acids and fatty acids contained in the supplement.

Live Your Life In Good Health

As we get older it is natural to experience difficulty with normal, daily, routine tasks that were once easy to perform; or so we are taught anyway. See as we get older our body’s age. Without proper care they will become weak and frail begin to depreciate. If we do not change the way we care for ourselves, and our bodies, then we will age in a way that is quite disgraceful. Contrary to popular belief, and regardless of age, these matters can be taken into your own hands and by doing so you will keep yourself in good health.

When we are young we tend to think – whether consciously or not – that we are invincible and that we will never get old. Because of this we tend to ignore the warnings of eating right and exercising properly; this is where the decline actually begins. A focus on good health is – typically – nowhere to be found in youth.

Being in good health does not just mean a “clean bill of health” from the doctor; it means that you have maintained a healthy muscle mass to fat ratio too. We are born with a certain degree of good health and a solid muscle foundation; but over time, this muscle begins to deteriorate. This may not sound so bad, but this means that you also lose your actual strength as well. Because this is a slow process the changes are not noticeable until many, many years later when good health may already be at risk.

But, rest assured, it has been proven that this decay of muscle and good health is happening. To maintain good health one must keep also maintain a healthy muscle to fat ratio. This means that you need to have more muscle than fat, and by quite a bit. This gets more difficult as you age because with the loss of lean muscle mass comes the gain of fat – unseen fat. Over time you will finally see changes in your body shape that are not really appealing to the human eye.

One of the most noticeable changes is the waist increase; another is the loss of definition in the arms, buttocks, and legs. If and when you see these “symptoms” it is time to stop playing around and do something in order to regain your good health and physique. Shocking that skinnier arms and legs may not be a good sign, but skinnier is not always better. In fact, thighs are your largest muscle group and probably the most important to this entire process.

A physical change might not mean much to some, while it means the world to others. But, it should. This physical change is a sign that you are losing that precious good health. Along with this loss comes the loss of physical strength and, down the road, the ability or will to do common things on your own. Think, long and hard. Would you rather be sitting on the balcony sipping tea with your friends, when you are old, or rusting away in an assisted living center because you can no longer fend for yourself?

It is important that you focus on good health now, while you still can, if you want to enjoy the final years of your life. Without proper strength training exercises you will find that you are not enjoying tea in your later years. Finding a mere 20-30 minutes 2-3 times a week to challenge and push your muscles is all it takes to preserve, not only your good health, but your sexy physique too. Work to stay strong while you still can and you will still be strong when many others are falling to the wayside.