Diet and Nutrition

We are what we consume – this saying holds perfectly well when it comes to promoting or depleting good health. A Balanced diet constituting healthy foods plays a key role in promoting More »

What God Has In Mind In Creating Man

God really had in mind that the man He created will enjoy good health. Good health is a promise as well as a right which God’s children are called to enjoy. We More »

The Many Good Health Benefits

There does not exist a one-size-fits-all health supplement because people have different needs, desires and requirements when it comes to maintaining their good personal health. If one such miracle health supplement could More »

Live Your Life In Good Health

As we get older it is natural to experience difficulty with normal, daily, routine tasks that were once easy to perform; or so we are taught anyway. See as we get older More »

Good Health Leads To A Good

A person’s health is of utmost importance to him or her. Health is basically defined as the complete and definitive mental, physical and social well-being of a human being. Being in good More »

Diet and Nutrition

We are what we consume – this saying holds perfectly well when it comes to promoting or depleting good health. A Balanced diet constituting healthy foods plays a key role in promoting good health. Taking foods rich in vital nutrients, helps improve our body’s metabolic function. On the flip side, a lack of these nutrients would lead to an accretion of harmful toxins within the body, which results in chronic diseases. A healthy BMI reduces the peril of various debilitating diseases such as cancer, stroke, cardiovascular complaints and osteoporosis. Therefore, a balanced and a nutritious diet are quite crucial in order to prevent and cure various diseases.

1. A balanced diet to tackle bad health: Bad health conditions not just results from an unhealthy lifestyle but can be aggravated more with wrong food habits. Bear in mind, a balanced diet that includes the right amount of vitamins, minerals and proteins would be a major contributing factor to treat bad health. If you are unsure of maintaining a balanced diet everyday, it is always better to prepare a balanced diet

What Is Good Health?

What is Good Health? and what does Good Health mean?

The World Health Organization say health is a complete physical, mental, and social well-being. Health does not mean you are not sick.

Choosing a healthy alternative is your responsibility. You have to make better choices to be healthy. Habits dictate our lifestyle choices to be healthy, our parents and the media can influence our lifestyle, diet and health.

The first step to a better health is start holding yourself accountable.

The second step is to take action to get the result you want. You need a strong foundation, focus on the four characteristic of good health.

If you want a better health or live life to the fullest it’s important that you incorporate the principles and recommendations below into your life

Let’s talk about what these characteristic are and how to incorporate them into your life.

1. A positive Mental Attitude

A positive mental attitude help you accomplish anything in life.

The key to developing and keeping a positive mental attitude include:

What God Has In Mind In Creating Man

God really had in mind that the man He created will enjoy good health. Good health is a promise as well as a right which God’s children are called to enjoy. We can see in the lives of so many children of God who lasted so long on earth as long as they lived in accordance with God’s standard. They enjoyed such an extraordinary state of good health that other people began to see them as wonders on earth.

To be a wonder is to arouse awe, surprise or astonishment, especially through doing something extraordinary. It is doing something extremely new to someone’s knowledge or expectation. In the world today, we come across so many astonishing occurrences that make us wonder. God made each and every man to be a wonder on earth. In Isaiah 8:18, 49:5, we understand that God’s children are extraordinary people who exhibit a life that impacts or amazes others to intimidation. In other words, our lives should so affect people that they would admire us and also feel intimidated. This reality is neither coincidental nor accidental, but a divine arrangement, that means, it is a calling (Isaiah 49:5).

We saw that

The Many Good Health Benefits

There does not exist a one-size-fits-all health supplement because people have different needs, desires and requirements when it comes to maintaining their good personal health.

If one such miracle health supplement could actually exist, bee pollen just might be that universal choice.

Why Is Bee Pollen Such A Standout Health Supplement?

This supplement is known the world over and in many different languages as the “miracle food.” Although it is not actually a primary food source for human beings, the ingredients found in bee pollen are simply a smorgasbord of good things.

The list is extensive

96 different nutrients
40% protein
50% carbohydrates
vitamins B, C and E
fatty acids
trace elements: iron, manganese, potassium, selenium and calcium
22 amino acids
beta carotene

….and the above is just a partial accounting, but the point is made.

It is rare in nature that one food source, if you will, ever contains so many nutritional ingredients that are beneficial to human metabolism.

Lecithin helps to regulate cell-to-cell metabolism, eliminates excess fat stores in the body and helps to suppresses the appetite to prevent overeating.

Protein and carbohydrates are

Live Your Life In Good Health

As we get older it is natural to experience difficulty with normal, daily, routine tasks that were once easy to perform; or so we are taught anyway. See as we get older our body’s age. Without proper care they will become weak and frail begin to depreciate. If we do not change the way we care for ourselves, and our bodies, then we will age in a way that is quite disgraceful. Contrary to popular belief, and regardless of age, these matters can be taken into your own hands and by doing so you will keep yourself in good health.

When we are young we tend to think – whether consciously or not – that we are invincible and that we will never get old. Because of this we tend to ignore the warnings of eating right and exercising properly; this is where the decline actually begins. A focus on good health is – typically – nowhere to be found in youth.

Being in good health does not just mean a “clean bill of health” from the doctor; it means that you have maintained a healthy muscle mass to fat ratio too. We are born with

Good Health Leads To A Good

A person’s health is of utmost importance to him or her. Health is basically defined as the complete and definitive mental, physical and social well-being of a human being. Being in good health simply means that the person is free from any disease and is in good shape. The World Health Organization has stated that a healthy person must fit perfectly in all three aspects that have been mentioned above; physical, mental and social. This trio is sometimes also called the health triangle. According to diagnosticians, there are a few critical and key factors that determine whether a person is healthy or in a same mind. A few of those key factors include, firstly a person’s biological health, the person’s development as a child, the social and external environment the person grew up in, education, income, literacy, lifestyle, social networks of the person, the culture the person lives in and personal health practices conducted by the person in the form of exercise, diet, yoga, training or any other physical activity undertaken to keep the person fit.

One can maintain health at a very personal level so as to escape from the many deadly diseases found. The first

What Should A Good Health Insurance

A good health insurance policy should be issued by a reputable insurance company that has a good reputation and has a large network of doctors and hospitals in your area. This policy should not be considered a “limited benefit” or “discount” plan and benefits, limits and exclusions should all be clearly defined in the contract you receive.

What about the rate you pay? Actually, that will be quite different from one part of the country to another. Often, rates in the Midwest are less than rates in the East or Far Western part of the US. Sometimes the difference can be as much as 25%-60%. Naturally, it’s important that the price that you are paying is among the lowest offers you have in your area.

To find out how competitive your cost is, you’ll have to compare what you pay to other similar policies. Unless, you are very experienced in reading and researching health care contracts, you may want to rely on an independent agent that is local or licensed in your state. It will save you many hours of frustration!

One of the most important virtues of your policy is quite simple. Does it

How to Obtain a Good Health

If it is peace of mind that you seek along with the appropriate security against risks like being confronted with disastrous financial obligations during accidents and illnesses, health insurance is the answer. Millions of Americans in the U.S. come without health insurance covers and consequently thousands go bankrupt annually as caused by those incapacitated to pay medical bills. Although the issue on health care and who should come responsible for securing it is a never-ending debate you can still make the most out of it by getting the right policy for insurance.

Insurance Plan for the Employed and for Those in the US

You will find some Western places with nationally sponsored health care system guaranteeing the basic level healthcare for every resident. Running these systems however can be pricey thus calling for the government to impose high taxes in order to fund such system. At most times you will find backlogs and waiting lists building up for a significant time due to the inadequate amount of resources dealing with long term illnesses. The system in the U.S. can be unique even when there is recent legislation for the changing of the system into a similar

How to Maintain Good Health

Anyone who wants to live a long life should take care of his or her health in order to achieve this goal. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to improve your health quickly and maintaining it for the rest of your life.

One of the simplest solutions for a good health is regular exercise. While doctors and nutritionists continually stress the importance of exercising for a balanced life, few people actually consider their advice. You should know that a simple thing such as walking for half an hour every day can add years to your lifespan. This is quite an incentive to start exercising more starting today.

Studies have shown that half an hour of cardio activity on a daily basis will improve your health and prolong your life. This is an excellent solution for maintaining a good health especially if you have a job that requires little to no movement at all. Walking is also a very good way to lose weight. It is of course difficult to break the habit of a sedentary life routine, but the prospect of a healthy and long life should be enough of an incentive.


Fitness For Good Health

Factors That Put Your Life in Peril:

These days, topics related to health have gained much momentum than before. Technology, industrialization, urbanization, deforestation, malnutrition, population growth, etc., have their lethal effects on health if not checked properly. The rate with which mankind is progressing for a better future has some underlying adverse effects, which upon years of negligence will lead to an irrevocable loss, i.e., life. So, the maintenance of good health whilst facing present-day challenges is mind-boggling. However, there are few factors which will ensure a good health if ever they are followed. In the discussion to follow, all the useful tips for a healthy life are discussed at great length for your convenience. Follow them and stay fit!

What’s Your Definition of Good Health?

It is very important to have an idea as to what constitutes a good health. Many have varied opinions and beliefs on this topic, but they certainly fail to understand the important essence of being healthy. Being healthy means a positive balance of body, mind and soul, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. So, the next time when you say you’re completely healthy then make sure

Good Health Begins In The Mind

It seems many people are striving to attain the elixir of life these days, that elusive quality of health and wellbeing. In the UK, the health and fitness industry is estimated to be worth approximately $7 billion dollars AUD annually. Australia’s industry is not far behind with approximately $2.2 billion AUD dollars. These are massive figures if you consider the percentage of products contained in that amount.

It’s no secret we are being marketed to in a staggering manner, much to the detriment of our hard earned dollars, our pride and sanity. I constantly receive messages from people protesting the misinformation and ambiguity of communication related to diets, nutrition, weight-loss and health.

The purpose of this article is to highlight the health aspect many businesses and health practitioners fail to address – good health begins at the level of the mind. What do I mean by this you may quip? Consider how often you may have sabotaged your best intentions to become healthy or lose weight? Besides the financial implication, what was the overriding factor which impeded your ability to succeed? Among willpower, hidden challenges and lack of know-how, the mental discipline remains the biggest obstacle preventing people

Tips to Support Good Health

For many of us taking good care of our health means being registered with a local family doctor, a caring general practitioner as well as having access to quality specialist care if required. We may pay into private health care insurance schemes or be registered through our employment so that we can avail ourselves of speedier treatment should an emergency situation occur.

It’s good to observe that many of us are becoming increasingly involved in the level and quality of care we receive from our healthcare professionals. We ask more questions, demand more answers, want to know what we are being prescribed, how long will we need to take it, are there any known side effects, what is the longterm prognosis, do we need this procedure, are there other options? Access to online information has added to the level of interest over the last few years, sometimes contributing valuable knowledge, other times fuelling health anxiety about symptoms and diagnosis.

The good effect is that many of us are looking to take more personal responsibility for our health and wellbeing. We look to support our ongoing health and invest

Play a Role In Boosting Good Health

Healthy living is very important, especially in the modern world where diseases and illnesses seem to surround us. Plenty of modern conveniences and lifestyle changes have contributed to poor health that is to blame for the endless suffering a large number of people go through today as far as health is concerned. If you want to improve your health, there are key elements that you should think about for your approach to better living.


Your body is a result of what you eat. If you want to know how good your eating habits are, then you should take a good look at your body and interpret what you see. The skin is one of the best organs you can use to know how healthy you are. Diet is very important for good health and to make improvements, you should be cautious about everything that goes into your mouth. It is important to keep off processed foods, sugary foods and fatty foods as well. A healthy meal should be balanced in that it has protein, vitamins and carbohydrates. The way you prepare your food can also determine how healthy it is. Avoid using excessive cooking fat

Benefits of Good Health

Benefits Of Good Health You Can Achieve

One of the things about good health is that while everyone knows that it is better to be in good health, the reasons for this thinking can often be overlooked. As so many people take the need to be in good health for granted, there is often a benefit of being reminded of the benefits of being in good health. There are many reasons and no matter what motivates you in life, there will likely be one reason that will spur you on to better health.

For some people, being able to have more energy and vitality in their life is an important factor. There is no getting away from the fact that being healthy you can carry out more activities and make more of your life. When you are fit and active you will have a lot more energy to do things whereas if you are unhealthy and inactive, it will be harder to find the energy to carry out activities. The healthier and more active you are, the more activities you will be able to enjoy.

There is always the time and money aspect to consider

Help You Enjoy Good Health

Well, good health is one of the best blessings that anyone can ever have. In today’s fast-paced life, the changing lifestyle has made it difficult to enjoy optimal health. Moreover, everyone is so busy in keeping pace with competition that health is left behind.

However, you can get your health back with a little discipline and will-power. We all were born healthy but health is not something that you can enjoy forever if you do not pay attention to it. Nowadays, we have to ‘earn’ health.

There are four pillars of good health.

Exercise is the Best Mantra for Healthy Body!

Who says that exercise is necessary for sports persons only? It is a must for everyone. We should practice some sort of exercise depending on our age and health. Considering your present health condition, you should start practising any of these types of exercise. A few of the best examples include brisk walk, yoga, meditation, stretches or whatever suits you. Even dancing can also be a good option if you love doing it.

Attitude Plays an Important Role!

If you have a negative attitude towards your surroundings

Key to Good Health Tips

So many a times in life, people misuse their bodies trying to fulfill a dream. They eat whatever they find around, they are too busy to schedule period of time to drink enough water or engage in enough physical activities. They hardly find time for relaxation and they are continuously stressed. They outspend their bodies to fulfill their dreams. They may succeed, feeling fulfilled for a while and applauded by the whole world but their bodies may collapse earlier than they can imagine and hence not able or available to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Health is a state of social, physical, and mental well being, not just the absence of disease and this is what God is interested in. you should not just be basking in the euphoria of not lying down in the hospital bed or hoping that anytime sickness knocks at your door you should be able to withstand.

Some people think they don’t need to do anything about their health because they felt their physical, mental and social state of health is okay. Whatever your state of health is you need to play your part to continue enjoying good health.

Essential Things To Look For In A Good Health

If you’ve recently decided to go shopping online for your next health insurance plan there are a few items of interest that you should really become aware of in order to get the most out of your health insurance coverage. With many of today’s insurance plans looking familiar the only real differences may rest in the coverage, rates or premiums, deductible amounts and prescription fulfillments. It’s important that you know how to distinguish between a good health insurance plan and a bad one. The tips provided in this informative article will help you accomplish that task.

Probably the best place to start is with the actual benefits that are offered in the health care plan you are currently thinking about purchasing or are researching online. Although almost every plan provides routine medical coverage it’s always a good idea to check and see what else may be offered or covered. Don’t let any additional fees or hidden costs appear out of nowhere and be leery of fees that may be due based on the doctor or health care professional you choose as your primary health care provider. Don’t hesitate or be afraid to call the health insurance provider

Good Health to Us All

The key to good health is a nutrient-rich diet that promotes well-being and reduces the chance of diseases. The cornerstone of good health is good food. Fine health is something we take for granted when we have it and strive for when we haven’t. Being healthy is something we all should cherish. Another important component of health is regular exercise and a positive mental attitude. Staying healthy is a fusion of mind and body. Keeping our bodies in a good state is something we should pay close attention to. Health is one of the essentials for a happy life. Making positive choices in your diet every day promotes good nutrition and fine health and may reduce your risk of some types of cancer. Use the Nutrition Facts Label on packaged foods to make a healthy choice. Good nutritive knowledge and proper nutrition is vital for good health. At the very basic level, nutrition is important for normal growth and development, and for maintaining a healthy body. Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health.

By forming a base of good nutrition you may reduce your risk of certain chronic diseases. Good nutrition means a daily consumption of foods

The Price of Good Health

To paraphrase the scripture “What Profit a man if he loses his good health”. Our good health is taken for granted, and we usually feel unhappy when our health fails. What to do, “alas, alack, I don’t feel well, my health is failing”. What do we do – why, off to the doctor we go. Consequence outside a quick recovery often involves tests and examinations, consultants, and chemists.

Now, if your nation or employer does not provide cover to pay for those extra services and drugs you may find the biggest ache you have is in your wallet. Writing this in the UK at this time the author is aware of moves by government to reduce access to a range of health services, with the real cost to be borne by the ill and needy. This not to say the poor will be so treated, but certainly, if you can pay then you will find you will be paying a lot more for your health care. Be aware, this is a recurring theme over the decades past, and will certainly continue to recur in the future

Another common expression is “your greatest asset is your good

What’s The Definition Of Physical Health

Let’s begin with a good health definition in general. The WHO health definition (World Health Organization), albeit from 1948: “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Assuming that’s true, what’s the definition of physical health and does good health naturally mean that “all natural” is good, especially as it applies to food?

What’s the definition of physical health?

Is there one?

Based on the WHO health definition as it applies to physical health, is it safe to say that simply because everything is working as it should in the absence of disease or infirmity (weakness or ailment), that we’re not necessarily in good physical health?

What do you think?

I personally believe there is more to being healthy in the moment. On the other hand, I also believe that because we are only guaranteed the present, if you’re healthy, don’t take it for granted. Enjoy it while you can.

I also believe the state of our physical health depends largely on our personal health plan. In other words, it depends on how well we take care of ourselves on a regular basis. That includes:

  • Eating habits
  • Exercise habits or lack thereof
  • Sleep habits
  • Spiritual